North Wales Notaries

A firm of Notaries covering the whole of North Wales.

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a specialist, independent lawyer recognised internationally and trained to prepare, witness or certify documents for use in foreign countries.


Whatever the document that needs notarising, there is always more to the Notary’s role than just signing their name. Seeing a notary is never a mere rubber-stamping exercise and a lot of the work carried out happens behind the scenes. The international duty of a Notary involves a high standard of care. This is not only towards the client but also to anyone who may rely on the document including governments or officials of other countries. Great care is essential at every stage to minimise the risks of errors, omissions, alterations, fraud, forgery, money laundering, the use of false identity, and so on.


Many foreign countries require further verification by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. This is known as an ‘apostille’. Some then require further verification from their own embassy or consulate known as legalisation’. We can arrange this for you.


Some examples of the areas in which a Notary may be required are:

  • Signing of Powers of Attorney for use throughout the world;
  • Obtaining translations of legal documents and confirming their accuracy;
  • Verifying documents of record from organisations including Companies House, Registries of Births, Marriages and Deaths;
  • Assisting foreign lawyers in establishing companies abroad with British officers;
  • Administering Oaths as well as Statutory Declarations or Affirmations for foreign legal requirements;
  • Procuring legalisation of documents, whether Notarised or not by foreign embassies, or dealing with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office;
  • Certifying validity of academic or other qualifications;
  • Notarising the execution of foreign Wills;
  • Assisting in verification of persons and passports in foreign adoption process.